You can join the AAUP here. All full-time faculty are eligible to join our chapter. At this time, we can only offer associate membership to staff whose duties don’t involve teaching or research. The AAUP dues are on a sliding scale, and are quite affordable compared to other unions: most WVU faculty will pay less than $200 a year for membership. Our chapter dues are $5 to $25 annually, also on a sliding scale.

Please email us at to let us know if you join the chapter. Otherwise, it may take us a long time to see that you’ve joined. Important note: your official university email is subject to public record requests, so anything you write from that account is public information.

The most important benefit of membership is the chance to have your voice heard. We hold regular meetings and anybody can bring an item up for discussion. As our chapter grows, we hope to develop outreach to the media and the public to become part of the discussion around issues in higher education policy and administration. The more people join our chapter, the more authority we have to speak as representatives of faculty concerns. We need to get big to be heard. You can be part of this!