Issues and research

Here are some of the issues that we’ve been focused on so far. Join our chapter and add your own concerns to the list!

Covid-19 safety and decision-making

WVU’s plan for a return to face-to-face teaching in Fall 2020, and the process that produced that plan, have raised grave concerns among instructors with regard to safety, implementation, shared governance, and academic freedom. Read more about why we consider the reopening plan and the possible implementation of furloughs or pay cuts to be unacceptable as currently formulated.

Shared governance

We’re concerned that WVU faculty have very little input into their working conditions, hiring decisions, and setting financial priorities for the university. Read more about recent personnel decisions concerning the President and Provost; salaries for faculty and administrators at WVU compared to other flagship state universities; and the process by which faculty representatives are appointed to outside bodies and evaluated in their performance.

Campus carry

In 2019, a group of West Virginia state delegates introduced HB2519, the ‘campus carry’ bill, which would prohibit institutes of higher education from restricting guns on campus. WVU faculty were overwhelmingly opposed to the bill, and were able to help defeat it by communicating with lawmakers and going to the state capitol to make our voices heard. We expect the bill to be back this year and in coming years, and one lesson from the last round is that we can expect limited information and no support from our university administration. It is on us to organize and stop this bill. Read more about the bill and its sponsors, the actions we can take to organize and stop campus carry, and the state of evidence regarding the effects of these bills on campus crime and other issues related to the bill.